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Not all rigs are created equal. The thought process behind the PSR3 was “how do we squeeze as much rigidity out of a value oriented cockpit, without losing adjustability”.

– PSR3 is blessed with the same ultra heavy duty profiles that are used on the PSR1. Significantly thicker side walls provide more mass, more weight and more rigidity than its competitors.
– For the uprights, the steering section is of an overlapping design. This uses more material and costs more, but the result is a better anchor for the wheel deck to be supported by the rig perimeter.
– The wheel section uses the same extremely rigid design of the PSR1. It uses a 10mm thick aluminium wheel deck, mated to profile and adjustable side plates.
PSR3 has a great pedal section. It’s design is an evolution of the PSR1, where two 10mm aluminium plates sandwich two 80mm profiles, mounted with 8 direct fixings.– Many drivers prefer a very stiff brake setup, and so the PSR3 had to be built with that in mind. Other designs often suffer with flex in the pedal section, primarily down to cost savings on material and design choices.

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