P1000i (inverted) (P-HYSi) Hydraulic System add-on (SIMAGIC) ** Now includes additional spring kit ** This kit is used to upgrade the SIMAGIC P1000i pedals to a hydraulic brake system….

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P1000i (inverted) (P-HYSi) Hydraulic System add-on (SIMAGIC)

** Now includes additional spring kit **

This kit is used to upgrade the SIMAGIC P1000i pedals to a hydraulic brake system. It replaces the standard pressure pad stack system with a combination of hydraulic / pressure pad stack / restrictor system. This kit is to upgrade a P1000i (inverted) pedal set.

“Developed exclusively by SIMAGIC race engineers. The all-new P-HYS series Hydraulic Brake System faithfully recreates the feel of a real race car’s braking system. Better feel, With even better performance. Discover new levels of drivability.”

  • Full CNC processing. Improved reinforcements & durability
  • Durability tested for hundreds of thousands of cycles.
  • Quick and easy pressure pad recipe (see included pressure pads below)


  • Is the P-HYS system suitable across all SIMAGIC pedals
    • P-HYS = only P1000
    • P-HYSi = P1000 or P1000i (inverted) (this is the product page you are currently on)
    • Not suitable for P2000
  • Does the hydraulic braking system need maintenance?
    • No maintenance is required under normal usage
  • Are the pressure pads from P-HYS and the ones on the standard P1000 the same?
    • No, they can only be used with the compatible system (no swapping pads between standard and hydraulic setups)
  • What’s the difference between the hydraulic brakes and the standard brakes?
    • The hydraulic brake can better simulate the braking feel and response of a real car. In addition to that, swapping pressure pads for the hydraulic cylinder is simpler
  • How many pressure pads can be fitted into the cylinder?
    • No less than 9 (including limiters/restrictors). For reference, please check the recommendations made by our race engineers

SIMAGIC pressure pad race engineer advice

  • Are the P-HYS/P-HYSi’s pressure pads sold separately?
    • No, the brake kit is included which contains: (10 x Red, 10 x Blue, 10 x Grey, 9 x Black)
  • What are the restrictors/limiters for?
    • To restrict the travel of the brake


  • Pressure pad set (10 x Red, 10 x Blue, 10 x Grey, 9 x Black)
  • Limited / restrictor x 3
  • Tools included: Allen Keys, wrench/spanners

User precautions:

  • P-HYS is only suitable for P1000. P-HYSi rotatable oil container is suitable for both P1000 and P1000i
  • When using P-HYS or P-HYSi, DO NOT compress the braking rod to avoid oil leak or vapour lock
  • If vapour lock occurs, please check SIMAGIC’s instructional video for releasing vapour from the oil container

Note: Some photos show the pedal set as well, but this listing is for the upgrade kit only.


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