2024 Ginetta Junior Official eSeries

2024 Ginetta Junior Official eSeries consists of seven rounds, hosted at circuits around the UK to match the real-world 2024 Ginetta Junior Championship. Drivers will compete in a 15-minute qualifying session followed by two 20-minute races, with the second race being based of the results from race one with the top ten being reversed.

Prizes are awarded to the top three in the championship. The prizes fund currently sits at over £1,000.

This series is limited by an age restriction due to the Ginetta Junior Scholarship prize.

Drivers will need Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition on PC with a stable internet connection.

2024 Ginetta Junior Official eSeries | Aug – Oct 2024

How To Enter

1 – Sign-up via this link

3 – Join the PASR Discord via this link



All times listed below are approximate.
1800 – Server switches over to official practice
1915 – Driver briefing
1930 – Qualifying starts
1945 – Qualifying ends
1950 – Race 1 starts
2010 – Race 1 ends
2015 – Race 2 starts
2035 – Race 2 ends

Scoring System

1st – 35 points
2nd – 30 points
3rd – 26 points
4th – 22 points
5th – 20 points
6th – 18 points
7th – 16 points
8th – 14 points
9th – 12 points
10th – 11 points
Points from 11th down reduce by one point per place. Only the top 20 drivers score points.

Fastest Racing Lap – 1 point

The two lowest scoring races for each driver will become their drop score, which will not count towards the final results. Drivers cannot drop the last round.


Entry Requirements

To be eligible the competitor’s date of birth must fall between 1/1/2009 – 15/03/2011.

Participants must also not have competed in any motorsport UK regulated car events.

These requirements are the requirments of both the Official eSeries & 2025 Ginetta Junior Scholarship.

Entry Fee

For all seven round the entry fee has been set at £90.
Alternatively, you can enter each round individually for £15 per round.


Other Information

All drivers are required to be in the RACE CONTROL voice channel within the PASR Discord from the start of the driver briefing until the race director announces the end of race 2.
This series will be run using a semi-fixed setup.

Please see our Discord for more info.

How To Enter

1 – Sign-up via this link

3 – Join the PASR Discord via this link

How To Enter

1 – Sign-up via this link

3 – Join the PASR Discord via this link